by Doc Frog

Lesson Nine
Traditional Typing Position
Each S (student) is now ready for traditional home row position. Have each S place the left pinky over the A key and the right pinky over the ; (semicolon) key. Repeat lessons one through eight as needed, emphasizing the correct hand positions. Then, transfer to online computer keyboarding games for practice

(return to this booklet for review when the network is down).

1. “My turn. This is the home row.
Left hand, A S D F G Right hand, H J K L semicolon.”
2. “Your turn, I’ll watch.”

3. “Make two columns. This will be the post test, to compare against your pre-test.”

4. “First, we will type your first and last names for thirty seconds. We will press enter after the last name so that we form a list to make it easy to count. Next, we will type the number row for thirty seconds and press enter after the zero. Which list is longer? How does that compare to your score in Lesson One? Congratulations!”

5. Introduce each S to email so you can begin sending notes to each other.

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